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Image processing

Linux script program to process multiple image files using ImageMagick

Linux script to apply a label to one or more images

Show images as a slideshow with temporary labelling and processing.

HOW TO : Using Python to make an Add-on for OpenOffice Calc

Bash script to determine external IP address from behind firewall or router and to mail any change
Bash script to install Arch system in multi-booting environment
HOW TO making an Add-on for OO using Python
1st file : Addons_transferdemo.xcu
2nd file :
Installation script Linux
sample spreadsheet
zipped linux add-on
zipped WIN add-on

a c++ programmable spreadsheet using either compiled macro functions
or conventional spreadsheet style programming. GUI is configurable.

- based on fltk and G.Ercolano's Fl_Table widget


download sources
spreadsheet1.2.2.tar.gz size= 480KB
spreadsheet1.2.2 size=1.3MB
-sources, doc, data files
examples include flow of natural gas in pipeline networks
to compile install fltk first -see README.

download binaries (32bit)
sprsht LINUX binary size= 483KB
sprsht.exe WIN executable size= 1.1MB
open in the same directory as the doc and data files.
For linux, install fltk first, or
move the copy of provided
to /usr/lib/ (as root or sudo) and then run the binary - see README.


Changelog v1.2.2
error corrections & numerous minor improvements;
fixed data input to pipeflow.

comments, suggestions to 'nab at pcug dot org dot au'