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README - sprsht v 1.2

sprsht v 1.2


    SPRSHT aims to be a simplified spreadsheet program with an easy method for including or adding user written c++ functions to show and manipulate data on a spreadsheet. It is currently in development phase.

	easily modified (if you know enough c++)
	cell array can be resized dynamically (up to 1000 x 1000 although this is an arbitrary limit)
	rows and columns can be inserted or deleted
	data entry and editing in any cell based on an Fl_Input widget
	recursive descent parser for expressions, functions, constants and real and string variables
	user functions and permanent constants (eg pi) can be added at the compile stage
	temporary constants can be defined dynamically
	built-in functions including most of <cmath> library
	arithmetic operators +,-,*,/,%(modulus),^(integer exponent)
	cell referencing
	cut, copy, paste absolute, paste relative
	data can be formatted dynamically (font, size, colour, alignment, precision)
	and by cell or selection
	up to 16 separate and independent worksheets
	sheets can be saved and recovered
	a range of formatting functions
	overlay functions for cell merge; showing pixmaps; adding boxes and lines; 

	For a description of currently available functions see the help files below with descriptions of the main menubar functions and those also available by right clicking.

	As currently constitued the library of programs is cross platform and self contained (after installation of fltk in either a linux or cygwin system ). They can be compiled in either 32 or 64bit systems.

	SPRSHT is based on fltk, which as the name implies is a fast light toolkit providing modern GUI functionality ( and additions of a table widget to fltk and sample programs by G.Ercolano and others. (


    SPRSHT comes with complete free source code. SPRSHT is available
    under the terms of the GNU Library General Public License.


  	As yet incomplete documentation is only provided in the help files with the source code. These can also be called up when the program is running.


	Assuming you have fltk installed (see above) go to the directory where the files have been expanded.

	The full set of files required should be contained in this library. It consists of:
    -   sprsht-0-definitions.h 
    -   sprsht-1-sdrarrays.cxx 
    -   sprsht-1a-fl_table.cxx 
    -   sprsht-1b-classes.cxx 
    -   sprsht-1c-compression.cxx 
    -   sprsht-2a-Sprsht-classfns.cxx 
    -   sprsht-2b-Sprsht-classfns.cxx 
    -   sprsht-3a-parser-userfns.cxx 
    -   sprsht-3b-parser-classfns.cxx 
    -   sprsht-4-userfns.cxx 
    -   sprsht-4a-pipeflowfns.cxx 
    -   sprsht-4b-pipenetwork.cxx 
    -   sprsht-5-menu-functions.cxx 
    -   sprsht-6-menuitems.cxx 
	-	helpfiles (eg intro.html)
	-   sample inputdata (sample.txt) but the same as default.txt here)
	-   Makefile.LINUX
	-   Makefile

	The easiest way to produce an executable - called sprsht - is with  make -B  inside the folder containing the above programs and the /data and /doc folders. Make sure the folder is in the path (eg export PATH=$PATH:. ).

	The name sprsht can be changed. It is set to MYFILE in Makefile.

	Alternatively, to run the supplied binary for linux without installing linux, instal the supplied copy of in the folder /usr/lib (as root or with sudo). Again, run the binary in the same folder as the data and doc folders provided.


	The hard bit is installing fltk (see fltk below). Then compile as in linux.


    fltk is available at:


    To make comments, suggestions or report a bug in SPRSHT (not fltk!!!), email the author at nab at pcug dot org dot au.


	see also Copying and Licence.